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5 striking Alpine properties – A Luxury Travel Blog : A Luxury Travel Blog


5 striking Alpine properties – A Luxury Travel Blog : A Luxury Travel Blog

Spending your ski holiday in a snug chalet with all the traditional furnishings is always a lovely way to enjoy your week away, but have you ever thought of going somewhere with a little more flair? A property with its own individual personality that you won’t find anywhere else? Here is a list of five striking properties that will have you exchanging rustic fireplaces and fur throws for something a little more imaginative…

Experimental Chalet

The Experimental Chalet in Verbier is a brand-new Alpine retreat for the 18/19 season. This stylish chalet has a beautiful bar and restaurant serving signature cocktails and mountain food with a modern twist. The chalet also offers a selection of 39 rooms and suites all with their own character; some have a Jacuzzi, some a terrace or some with panoramic views of the beautiful Mont Blanc. The mastermind behind this quirky chalet is artistic Milanese architect and interior designer Fabrizio Casiraghi, whose minimalist and contemporary theme reinterprets the Alpine chalet without losing the cosy comforting feel that we all associate with chalets in ski resorts.

The wonderfully contemporary Experimental Chalet

Huus Hotel

Located in the Bernese Alps, this grand hotel from the 1980s was recently transformed from a traditional Alpine hotel into the beautifully chic Huus Gstaad we know today. Norwegian visionary and designer Erik Nissen Johansen has managed to hold onto the beautiful traditional style and feel of this majestic hotel whilst modernising the interior design and furnishings. The interior of Huus Gstaad is a perfect infusion of traditional patterns with contemporary materials and colours; each of the welcoming rooms, restaurant and bar have been given a creative modern touch without taking too much away from the original design and aura of the old building.

The wonderful Huus Hotel

Chalet Joux Plane

Chalet Joux Plane is the definition of ‘James Bond pad’. Located in a private elevated position nestled into the mountain-side, a few minutes chauffeur drive from the thriving centre of Morzine, this chalet oozes pure luxury. Designed by renowned architect Herve Marullaz, this chalet keeps all the beautiful wood panelling but instead of being small and cosy, this chalet is open and airy. Chalet Joux Plane has plenty of large windows and a glass atrium that dissects the property, allowing lots of natural light to flood the chalet; one side of the chalet is also entirely glazed to offer amazing views of the surrounding peaks. You can also expect to find a beautiful floating mezzanine and a state-of-the-art lounge.

The airy and open Chalet Joux Plane

Chalet Quezac

Chalet Quezac is easily one of the largest chalets in Tignes and undeniably one of the most artistic. Chalet Quezac is the flagship of the GC Kollection and brought to life from the creative mastermind, designer and owner, Guerlain Chicherit. Chalet Quezac is a reflection of Guerlain Chicherit’s passions in life, as a former four-time world free ski champion and rally driver, Chicherit has poured life into this bold chalet. Inside you can expect to find a fantastic spa with a 12-seater outdoor Jacuzzi, expansive outdoor terrace bar, unique and artistic rooms, modern dining area and a secret playroom.

The artistic Chalet Quezac

Tango & Charlie

Another chalet from the creative mind of Guerlain Chicherit and probably his most ambitious project to date with his Black Diamond franchise, Tango & Charlie is a property like no other. Within the residence is original furniture and decorative pieces that are taken from a 1950s military aircraft, or specifically a Nord Noratlas. As well as that, the shell of the Nord Noratlas also spans across the two residences with dramatic effect. The properties also contain modern spa facilities, games rooms within the aircraft’s shell and state-of-art fitness rooms. The two properties can either be occupied individually or conjoined to create a super-penthouse with 13 bedrooms.

The Norad Noratlas shell

Craig Burton is Managing Director of Ski Solutions. Ski Solutions is the UK’s original ski travel agent with over 30 years’ experience in delivering high-end ski holidays to Europe and North America.

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